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Tip-tip yang dikumpul ini dipetik dari  beberapa buah buku yang telah dibaca dan juga  dari beberapa buah laman web terkenal. Semoga anda dapat manfaat darinya.


Menukar nama Recycle Bin                                                

   Anda boleh menukarkan nama My Computer dan Network Neighborhood, tetapi nama Recycle Bin tidak boleh diubah? Anda boleh menggantikan nama Recycle Bin dengan menyunting Registry. Mula-mula, klik Start > Run, kemudian taipkan regedit lalu tekan Enter. Sebuah tetingkap Registry Editor akan muncul. Anda pergilah ke bahagian HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,seterusnya turun ke bawah dan cari bahagian CLSID. Anda klik dua kali pada bahagian CLSID itu dan kemudian pergi ke segmen yang bernombor seperti berikut {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} dan seterusnya pergi ke bahagian ShellFolder. Di sini anda akan melihat nilai Attributes yang dipaparkan dengan nilai binari 40 01 00 20. Klik dua kali pada Attributes yang terletak panel sebelah kanan dan sebuah tetingkap Edit Binary Value akan muncul. Kemudian tukarkan nilai 40 itu kepada 50 dan pilih OK. Nilai binari akan menjadi 50 01 00 20. (rajah 3a) Kemudian tutup Regedit dan kembali ke desktop anda. Kemudian, klik kanan pada Recycle Bin dan anda akan dapat lihat perintah Rename pada senarai perintah itu. Anda juga boleh mengklik pada Recycle Bin dan menekan kekunci fungsi F2 untuk mengganti namanya dengan nama yang anda inginkan. 


Change Background Of Folder Window 

When you display a folder's contents inside an open window, by default, you see them against a white background
(unless you've chosen a color scheme with a different window color). Bor-ing. As with the Windows 98 desktop, you
can apply any image or wallpaper to that window background. But wait, there's more: That background is unique to thatfolder. If you wanted to, you could apply a different background to every folder on your system! 

Open any folder window you want to customize and select View, Customize This Folder. Select Choose A Background Picture, then click Next. Select any of the files in the resulting list; or click Browse, select an image, and click Open. Click Next, click Finish, and check out that icon backdrop! 

Cancel Print Job 

Just send a bunch of documents to the printer, and now you've changed your mind? Rather than waste all that paper, use
the printer queue to cancel what you can. 

Select Start, Settings, Printers, and double-click your printer's icon to display its queue, or list of pending jobs.
Right-click the job you'd like to cancel and select Cancel Printing. Immediately, that document disappears from the list. 

If a long document is already in the process of printing, canceling that job will stop it midway.
Prepare for Disaster with an Emergency Boot Disk 

You should always have an emergency boot disk handy just in case the worst happens. To create one, open the Control
Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs. Click on the Startup Disk tab and click the Create Disk button. 
Connect by Yourself 

If you find that the Dial-Up Properties dialog box keeps popping up, whether you're working online or offline, then try

Select Tools, Internet Options, then click the Connections tab to bring it forward. Select Never Dial A Connection.
Click OK twice to close all the dialog boxes. This should stop the madness. 

Change Your Mouse Pointer 

Tired of that same boring arrow you see on screen all the time? Or the hourglass? Then change your mouse pointers.
You can choose from things like piano keys, a banana, and even a dinosaur. 

Open the Control Panel and double-click Mouse. Select the Pointers tab, highlight the pointer you want to change, and
click the Browse button. Select a pointer, click Open, and back at the Pointers list, click Apply. Repeat these steps for
each pointer you'd like to change. To return to a traditional pointer, select any pointer and click the Use Default button. 

(Note: You'll need to install the pointers from the installation CD, if you haven't already. Open the Control Panel,
double-click Add/Remove Programs, and click the Windows Setup tab. In the Components list, double-click
Accessories. Select Mouse Pointers, click OK twice, and insert the installation CD when asked. 
Use a Bitmap Image as a 16-Color Icon 

To use a bitmap image as a 16-color icon, rename the .bmp file to a file with an .ico extension. To do so, follow these

1. In Windows Explorer, click Options on the View menu. 

2. Click the "Hide MS-DOS extensions for file types that are registered" check box to clear it and click OK. 

3. Locate the .bmp file you want to use as an icon. 

4. Use the right mouse button to click the .bmp file and click Rename on the menu that appears. Rename the file with an
.ico extension. 

Windows automatically recognizes that you want to use the bitmap image as an icon. The image is resized to icon size
and converted to 16 colors. 

To use the .ico file as an icon for a shortcut, follow these steps: 

1. Use the right mouse button to click the shortcut and click Properties on the menu that appears. 

2. On the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon. 

3. Type the name of the .ico file in the File Name box or click Browse and locate the .ico file. 

4. Click OK and then click OK once more. 
Cut and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts 

Make cutting and pasting in Windows 98 a snap with keyboard shortcuts. To quickly use the copy command, press
Ctrl-C. To easily cut text or graphics, press Ctrl-X. To paste from the clipboard, press Ctrl-V. To quickly highlight the
text you want to cut or copy, place the cursor at the start of the first character you want to select and depress the Shift
key while using the arrow keys to highlight the selection. You can also quickly navigate through text moving one word at
a time by depressing Ctrl and the arrow keys. To undo any command, press Ctrl-Z. 
Using the Windows Key 

Use your Windows key to open a variety of commands quickly. The Windows key, denoted by the Microsoft symbol
on recent keyboards, will access the Start menu when it's pressed. You can also depress the Windows key and press
the letter E to launch Windows Explorer. The Windows-F combination will launch the File Finder. To minimize all
windows, press the letter M while holding down the Windows key. Conversely, you can maximize all windows by
depressing the Windows key and pressing Shift-M. To access the Start menu's Run command, simply hold down the
Windows key and press the letter R on your keyboard. 
Restart Windows in a Flash 

Do you get tired of waiting for Windows to restart? Sometimes it can take ages to shut down completely, and then you
still have to wait for the computer hardware to reset as well. Next time, try holding down the Shift key as you click OK
in the Shut Down Windows dialog (with the "Restart the computer?" radio button selected, naturally). Windows will then
restart itself without shutting down the entire computer. 
Skip the Recycle Bin 

Take care when using this trick, because it does exactly what it says and there are no second chances. When you delete
a file, it's normally moved to the Recycle Bin, where it stays until you empty it. To delete a file permanently and bypass
the Recycle Bin, hold down the Shift key while deleting the file. You'll get a pop-up window confirming the deletion; if
you click Yes, the file is gone for good. 
Drag and drop Start menu item on desktop 

Do you find your desktop handier than the Start menu? Then create shortcuts to your oft-used Start menu items on the
desktop. Whereas in Windows 95, this operation required you to right-click Start, select Open, and so on, now you can
copy a shortcut using a simple click-and- drag operation. 

With all windows minimized, click Start and navigate your way to a favorite shortcut, such as Start, Programs,
Accessories, Paint. Click the item you want to turn into a shortcut (here, Paint), and without releasing the mouse button,
drag it out to the desktop. Release the mouse button, and there's your shortcut. 
Bersihkan Skrin

Untuk membersihkan skrin daripada ikon yang tidak digunakan,contohnya Microsoft Network dan My Briefcase,klik ikon tersebut dan bawa ikon tersebut kepada ikon Recycle Bin.

Make Windows 98 Start Up Faster 

To cut the time it takes to start up Windows 98, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel. Double-click System, then click the
Performance tab. Press the File System button and select the Floppy Disk tab. Finally, uncheck the "Search For New
Floppy Disk ..." box. Now when you turn it on, your system won't automatically search for floppies in your disk drive
Forget Your Password?

If you forget your Win95 password, just hit Escape at the password box, launch the MS DOS Prompt and enter dir
*.PWL in the WINDOWS directory to find your PWL files. Delete the one with your name in front of it. Restart your
system and enter a new password when prompted (Win95 will ask you to verify it)

More BMP Icons

Any bitmap file can serve as an icon without moving, resizing or renaming. From within any shortcut's Change Icon dialog
box, click on the Browse button, select All Files from the Files of Type box and double-click on the BMP file of your

Tukar Aplikasi Dalam Satu-satu Masa

sekiranya anda membuka banyak aplikasi dalam satu-satu masa, tahukah bahawaanda boleh bertukar antara aplikasi tersebut dengan mudah tanpa perlu minimize aplikasi yang sedang aktif. CARAnya , anda hanya perlu menekan ALT +TAB.

Wayar Telefon

Pastikan wayar telefon sentiasa dicabut daripada sambungan komputer setelah menggunakan Intenet.Ini dapat mengelakkan disambar kilat.

Download Perisian

Setelah selesai mendownload sesuatu perisian,  jangan terus jalankan perisian tersebut.scan dahulu fail tersebut.Mungkin terdapat virus.

Update Virus

Anda perlu sentiasa mengmaskinikan fail anti virus anda.INGAT setiap hari virus baru akan sentiasa wujud.


Program ini akan melambatkan komputer anda walaupun ianya kelihatan menarik.ianya melambatkan proses.

Backround Setting

Setkan gambar background kepada none untuk mengelakkan komputer anda daripada pelahan.Terutamanya, komputer yang jenis lama.

Restart dengan cepat

Sekiranya anda hanya ingin restart windows dan bukannya keseluruhan komputer,tekan kekunci SHIFT sambil menekan restart.

Klik Sekali

Jika anda menggunakan Windows 98,anda boleh menggunakan kemudahan klik sekali.Anda tidak perlu klik dua kali untuk membuka sesuatu program.CARAnya,buka start menu>settings>Folder Options>General>Webstyle>Apply.